Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ciao Roma!

Hi Everyone :)
So I'm officially in Rome, sitting by the pool and getting tanned as we speak! Fantastic ain't it?
The flight was a flight, I just read the guidebook- Rough Guide to Rome if anyone's curious. Between that, David Copperfield, and napping I almost didn't have time for the fabulous Mr. Janson- Don't worry, I was a total academic and made sure to do the readings. I was SO worried about customs, but it was the easiest thing ever. The guy just winked at me- and that guy can wink at me ANY day if you know what I'm sayin'.
We headed from the airport to our campsite, it's so fantastic. Like I said, there's a pool- which is SO necessary. I don't know the exact temperature, but we did 9.2 kilometers of walking today and let me tell you, I pretty much sweat through my clothing, which in my twisted logic gives me total permission to pig out on carbonera tonight.
One of the coolest things here is the market across the street, it's like the wal mart of Italy and is completely insane and completely cheap. A buggy FULL of stuff only cost 54 euro. The most expensive thing is sunscreen.
The walking tour today was, like I said, long and sweaty but full of so much good stuff. I can't wait to explore it all in depth!

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