Sunday, September 19, 2010

I suck at this

Clearly. I also dont have punctuation right now because Im on an Italian keyboard that is either faded or wrong. In my defense, my personal journal is 100% up to date, which means I at least have a little tiny win. It SO counts. So, Ive been a lot of places now, Ostia was amazing I went to the beach! The Med is quite the Sea, it was like harsh warm. We ended up on a private beach, it cost like 6 euro to get in, but it was completely worth it, the beach was clean and warm and the drinks were so European... we flirted with the bartender and we were talking about rum, I was all, Grande, no picollo. And he was all, tell me when.
So European.
Some new people moved into the chalets besides us, I dont think theyre the beer ball type though, sad really, I was rocking that. I seriously havent drank aside from those two times, Its expensive and I already feel like Im about to die, no need to accentuate the feeling.
Everything is so overwhelming, I feel like I havent even scratched the surface of the subject matter, and I also feel like sleeping all. The. Time. Seriously, who gets sick on the weekends?
I went to the Vatican for church this morning, all devout and such. The Pope is apparently in Ireland, good for Ireland. Really though, Im tired. And now Im rambling with part of the main point being getting my full hour of free 'sorry the wifi isn't working' campground internet. They blame the weather which is... strange at best. Today there was a literal torrential downpour for three minutes after being completely sunny and hot the entire day. I hope there isn't a thunderstorm tonight, It's so loud and shaky in our chalet, I'd be scared to death.
I kind of just want to ditch the schooly bits and head for the beach...

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