Thursday, October 7, 2010

Florence, in a nutshell.

Arte. Not Art, but Arte. Also, penises in the breeze and Michelangelo.
I have dreams that the little headpiece we have to wear burns into my ear permanently and I'm stuck with a professor droning on about Michelangelo for the rest of my life. Not that I don't like Michelangelo, I saw the David today and let's just say, big fan, big fan. But I didn't need to hear my semi ancient prof talk about foreshortening for a couple of hours to go with it.
They also had an exhibit of musical instruments- THAT was neat. There was a woman playing Bach on the harpsichord, made my day.
Other Florence highlights? I have officially eaten the perfect classical balance, harmony, symmetry of gelato- it was caramel and WOW.
Also, I took a fantastic wine and cooking class. It was nice to have wine that costs more than 3 euro, MIND YOU, my favourite bottle here costs 3 euro and 41 cents- a splurge, I know. On Saturday I'm heading up to Venice, a welcome change. I love Venice. I can't wait for Lucerne, and what can I say about Paris? I'm really looking forward to London though. I love wine and all, but I was sitting today eating dinner and thought, "Man, I could use a beer." I'd drink beer here, but it feels like I'm hurting someone when they have cheap and delicious wine and wine smoothies that aren't like the time we tried to make them. It was the biggest disaster since we tried to make Frangelico.
Anyway, I discovered I own a magic dress, got cured by natural methods from the oldest pharmacy in the world, compared myself to the birth of Venus (no comparison.) and saw some weirdly translated t-shirts (I ghostbusters sign pussy. if anyone knows what this is supposed to be, seriously, I've lost sleep over this). I've realized my Italian isn't as bad as I thought it was, and I bought a stylin' coat.
It's been a solid two weeks.