Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Burn Out

Tonight, as I was packing, a thought crossed my mind,

"I should just go to the airport tomorrow and go back"

At this time, I am so burnt out, it's actually taking a physical toll on my body. My mind doesn't care about anything, I forget how to be social and happy, my knee is sprained and I'm just... drained. I know that I'm a good person, with a good personality- and a lot of it, but I just feel so suppressed and tired. Just tired and drained.
I can't go home tomorrow- I have tickets to a rugby game in Edinburgh on the 13th, All Blacks vs. Scotland. If I die, I want someone to Lucky Stiff me up and bring my corpse there. Buy me a beer and let me at least have one last hurrah.
That's kind of a shitty thing to think...

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