Sunday, November 7, 2010

Last days in London.

So, my strategy here has been to just go with what happens. And what's happenin' is super fun to go with. I was rooming with these Irish kids the day before yesterday and they adopted me as their new weird friend. So, when they were like, "Want to go clubbing?" I said, my new fave word by the way, "Yeah." We went and had a great night, we started at this pub where they mixed strongbow with blackcurrant juice- dangerous stuff. Then we ended up at this club where it was 90's night- at least I hope it was 90's night and not like that bar in Switzerland that played strange music in a non ironic way. I danced a lot, we met some English guys who were living in Seville. They were fun.
Yesterday England was playing the All Blacks. I found the only pub with a TV. This guy who was in his late 40's sat down and was all like, "ah, dya want me to 'lain the 'ame to ya love?"
I just want to point out that I really like how men here do the whole 'love' thing. Love and sweetheart. I explained that I played back home and he was like, "Ahhh. Who are ya goin' for then?" then his cousin ended up coming and I had a very interesting chat. Listening to the two of them bickering reminded me of my Dad and any one of his brothers just bantering. So funny.
After I went to the hostel, and I saw a note on my door from one of the girls I went clubbing with- not an Irish girl, she's from Australia. We ended up doing a pub crawl. We started at this place and I had a cheeseburger. I'm going to take a minute to talk about this cheeseburger. It was one of the best I've ever had- and we all know how I feel about cheeseburgers. The difference, in my opinion is homemade relish. It just makes it taste better. Then we went through the bars and ended up at ministry of sound- London's first house club. I had a lot of fun dancing, however, now I smell and really need to go eat some roast and shower.
You know how it is.

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