Friday, November 5, 2010

London- ALONE

So guys, I’m doing laundry because I smell. Life’s fantastic like that. I got my hair cut and my bangs are finally fixed, they no longer look like I cut them with safety scissors and thread snips. The guy thought I was entertaining, and he was awesome. I also encountered the “bangs make me look like I’m 30” thing. But, what can you do. He said I really didn’t cut them badly... undiscovered talent maybe? Is it just like sewing? Honestly, I don’t think I’d want to work that closely to people’s faces. I’m too absent minded and well... I don’t even know.
Anyway, as mentioned I smell. It’s pretty. I smell because I spent 4 days doing journal entries. I chugged a litre and a half of red bull the other day and looked at the wall for 10 minutes and blinked.
I’ve been terrible and haven’t been writing, so I’m going to do a basic overview of my time in each city:
Rome: I was really sick. I ended up throwing up from non alcohol related conditions (though I think that a lot of my vomiting had to do with the slop they were feeding us. It was spam. The only person allowed to seriously serve spam is my 11th grade English teacher because she is AWESOME.) but, I still went and saw Rome. Even though I was often alone. I went to Ostia and LOVED it, the Mediterranean Sea is beautiful, SO beautiful.
Florence: I thought I was making headway on my little social dis-ease I was having with the people I was on the trip with, however, that all blew to bits when I got told that everyone secretly calls me know-y behind my back and rightfully thinks that I’m a huge loser. I decided I didn’t care and didn’t want to be friends with anyone anyway. Florence is cool, I did a lot of cafe-ing and my roommate was awesome, it just sucks it turned out like it did.
Venice: I LOVE VENICE! I love my Nonno and I respect him and everything but why the fuck did he move to Canada when he had VENICE right there. VENICE! I wish I could’ve stayed longer. I got my own little cabin because no one wanted to room with me. I loved it. Fantastic times.
Lucerne: First experience where I didn’t have my own room. We had an extra move in with us. The profs arranged the food, we had stuff cooked by the owners wife every night, it was good. I had missed veggies and whole wheat bread. Yummy times. I went out on my own one night and had a really good time. I watched some rugby, had some beer. The first bar I went to was the one my prof recommended, I stayed for a beer and listened to, IN THIS ORDER: La Vida Loca, Mambo Number 5, and, The Macarena. This was, keep in mind, NON IRONICALLY. I left before I burst out laughing. It was BAD. All in all I like Switzerland. It’s a lot like Vancouver. I’m really, really happy I bought a jacket in Florence though. Best. Decision. Ever.
Paris: When in Paris, Just Say Oui! It’s a total new way of life. I like Paris. Men stop me in the street to tell me I’m pretty. It’s fantastic and I miss it a LOT. Like a lot a lot. I don’t like Modern Art and my mark suffered because apparently I’m not allowed to have a negative opinion on ANYTHING. I mean REALLY. Anyway, if you haven’t been to Paris, go to Paris. Also, the lady at Sephora thought I was Parisian. Oh, and the food! I mean, my lunches, not the “food” they gave us at the “hotel”.
London: Well, I’m still here. But when I was with the group... I had the two best roomies ever. It was like a fun little party all the time. I actually really miss them. I managed to sprain my knee while getting out of a booth, and I saw Les Miserables with the group (WOW!) and Wicked with some of the people (double WOW). It’s strange, last night I wasn’t sad. I felt bad, everyone was like crying, and all like upset and whatnot and I was like, “I’m sad about some people, but some people it’s like, whateves.” Actually, after brekkie this morning, I miss the full English breakfast more than most of the people.

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