Friday, November 26, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about possession. I always have. When I worked retail, I used to muse the changing of ownership, does it occur when the person picks up the item and claims it? When they put it on the register? When they pay for it? When it's in the bag? When they walk out of the store?
Some nights it was slow.
It made the whole situation very awkward when they couldn't pay. I know that they don't officially own it until money is exchanged, but I feel like picking it had to do something, in their mind they owned it when they brought it up and saying no felt... well, awkward. When do you truly possess something?
When does something, or somewhere possess you?
Today one of those spammy message things asked me if I live in Vancouver. I said no.
I know I moved to Scotland, and I've been moving to Scotland for a while, but just tonight it occurred to me I did it. Scotland, in a way, it possesses me. How and when did that occur?
It kind of just hit me right now.

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