Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Favourite Place I've Never Been

I thought about why my epic worldwide trip went bust.
Obviously, money. I brought three times the stuff and close to no money, a bad combination really. I didn't plan enough, I just kind of went. I liked the no plan thing, however, I wish I had some planned structure, which of course leads back to a budget.
I think the main problem though, is I don't know how to travel properly. I know that sounds like a very strange excuse, but it's true. I don't know how to balance life, work and excitement. When I'm home, all I do is work, go to school and sit around the house. I was thinking about why I'm so dissatisfied with being back, so, I turned to the trusty old Rough Guide of the World, Make the Most of Your Time On Earth. I love this book, and it's second edition. I bought it when I was seventeen and it inspired this whole, "Go" phase- as I like to call it.
I opened up to the chapters on Canada and started noticing a pattern. I've done so much, but I've only done one thing in this entire country. I started to think about how I spend my time here- working, school, lazing around. Partying?
I need to treat every place I'm in like it's my favourite place I've never been.
So, my new goal is to actually experience it. Learn how to save money in a way that lets me enjoy the city, but also go other places- festival fest 2015 anyone?!
I need to stop being so afraid and jaded by it. In essence I need to do what I did in Paris... just say oui.